Monday, October 19, 2009

What did I do this weekend?

There was no studio time this weekend as there was much other merriment to be had.  I did stop into the studio in hopes that a glaze firing would have occurred last week, but no such luck.  The majority of my pottery-related time this weekend was spent tackling this:

Yes, that's a lot of pottery that needs pricing, inventorying, and in some cases, banishment from my sight.  I have to turn in an inventory list to the "Mugs, Bowls, and Casseroles" show this week, which means I have to figure out what's going there, and price it.  Not my favorite part of being an artist, but I guess it comes with the territory.

I also was able to get out in the natural light of the sun and take some "official" shots of some of my newer work, which will be posted shortly.

The rest of my weekend was spent eating free food complements of my day job, watching Season 5 of The Office, a nice long run, and enjoying some live music.

Friday night we got to enjoy Relient K at the Ogden Theatre in Denver.  It was phenomenal.  They're a band that I probably would have passed on if not for a friend who really wanted to go, and I have no regrets.  It was amazingly fun, and also great to see how these guys have grown as musicians and performers since the last time I saw them headlining (6 years ago).  Really just a great performance, great music, and a great venue.

Sunday night took us to Boulder for a live taping of eTown featuring musical guest Cake, who have long been one of Krystal's favorite bands.  And they were phenomenal.  Outstanding perforance in a unique and intimate environment.  And did I mention phenomenal?  I don't know that I've ever seen a band with a tighter groove in the midst of such convoluted rhythms and time signatures, not to mention vocal harmonies to rival the Beegees.  And the vibra-slap!  Never before has it ever been used with such genius!

Needless to say, Relient K and Cake have moved closer to the top of my list, and I encourage you to check out eTown's website to find out when that performance will be broadcast near you. 

That's it from me today, and be on the lookout for pictures of the new pots.

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