Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Glazed and Glazing...

Studio time last night was devoted to my favorite thing ever - glazing.  Yup.  The good news is that I got some fresh work out of the kiln, with (almost exclusively) pleasant results.  This is nice in that it almost inspires me to glaze, rather than deflating that already non-existent desire.  Here's the new stuff...

Little white-clay vases.

Glaze got a little thick.  Still pretty cool.

No, I don't have particularly large hands - it's a baby vase.  Love this color.

And several more full shelves of pots waiting for the firing...

I'll be back into the studio tonight (most likely) for some more throwing, and some glazing, and hopefully recycling some clay as well.  We're coming up on our deadline for bisque firings at the guild, so I'll be putting in some long hours this weekend on producing to fill in some gaps that I see in my stock.  That's all for today, folks.  Have a good one!

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