Alxndr Jones :: Alxndr is a dear friend of mine and a multi-talented creative spirit who simply oozes art, music, and writing. His portfolio is constantly changing, but his focus is always clear in his desire to express truth and beauty. Work ranges from painting to printmaking, digital to textile, cultural to spiritual. see also: Illustrated Faith

Artisans of Colorado :: An online directory of amateur/professional/hobbyist artists in/from/around Colorado.  Not exhaustive, but certainly enjoyable to poke around and see what other folks are up to.

Clear Lake Arts Center :: The Clear Lake Arts Center is a beautiful facility with several exhibition galleries, ample room for special events, classroom space, and a gift shop/gallery that features many artists with ties to North Iowa. I am proud to have works for sale in my hometown and try my best to keep them updated with current stock from my studio.

Illustrated Light :: Illustrated Light is a gallery of fine art located in Old Town Fort Collins and features works in clay, would, glass, and metal. But the real treat is owner/artist David Glack's stunning landscape photography. Many thanks to David for taking a chance on this young artist and showing my work while I was in Northern Colorado.  see also: Illustrated Light Gifts

Jack Raddatz :: I studied under Jack Raddatz while an undergrad at Luther College. Jack has since retired and now lives and works in Bergen, Norway.  Jack's instruction often came in the form of his demand for perfection, the statement of expectation that resulted in technique following form.  His website offers a glimpse of his extensive portfolio and not insignificant ability to deftly manipulate clay, stone, and bronze.

Luther College Art Department :: My alma mater.  Luther College is a private, liberal arts college nestled along the bluffs on a crook of the Upper Iowa River in Decorah, IA. Students at Luther receive a well rounded education that leaves no stone unturned, with general requirements in all disciplines.  In addition to the varied coursework within my major (drawing, painting, sculpture, 2D/3D design) I fondly count among my favorite courses Shakespeare, Principles of Nutrition, Creative Nonfiction Writing, Christian Theology, and Literature of the Apocalypse.  Liberal arts, indeed. see also: Luther College Fine Arts Collection : Stoneware

Mark Baker Studios :: Mark Baker is an old classmate of mine that I knew best as a talented drummer, singer, and all-around wiseguy.  He found his way into art while a student at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa.  His work has included drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture, and is currently focused on functional/decorative furniture/housewares in wood, metal, and mixed media.  Check out his website for an ever-changing portfolio of his current work - both experimental and functional.

Northern Colorado Potters Guild :: The Northern Colorado Potters Guild provides a much needed resource to potters and enthusiasts in the Fort Collins/Loveland area.  In addition to studio access and a community of potters at all levels, the Guild also hosts seasonal sales, classes from beginner to special skills, and regular clinics featuring regionally and nationally known artists.  It was my privilege to work as a member of the NCPG during my time in Colorado and am very thankful to the many wonderful artists I had the opportunity to work and share studio space with in that time.  Check out the "People" page for a list of current members and sample work from many of them.

Tim Langholz (1965-2008) :: I count my uncle as the most talented potter and artist I have ever known.  His work was flawless in form and function and his attention to detail in decoration was peerless.  Once upon a time a student of mathematics and computer science, that background is reflected in the intense geometric patterns applied to his pots. He passed away in November, 2008. A sampling of his life's work and story is still avaible online.  see also: Luke Langholz Pottery: About an Uncle