Friday, October 16, 2009

Week(end) Wrap-Up

Official "Friday Wrap-up" or whatever.  It seems to happen that I regulary make up for my failed posting on Fridays.  I should probably give it a title and make it official.  Mostly, though, are the pictures from Tuesday that didn't make it up earlier this week.

Bowls.  Simple, basic.  Slight texturing to the exteriors.

Vases/Jars:  I'm really liking these, and should probably make some more this week.

This last little beauty decided to tip over on me when I tried to wrap it up and move it to my shelf.  Like, tipped over onto its side and became flat.  Some people would add texture, and bash it in a little bit more, and glaze it in a "pigeons-on-a-sculpture" style (if you know what I mean) and call it "art."  But I'm not into that so much, so this one is recycled.  I'll throw a better one this week anyway.  But this here represents a certain amount of work that was lost in 0.04 seconds, and sometimes that's frustrating.

And, because it's the weekend, let me leave you with something fun.  Please let me know if you actually take the time to watch all 6 minutes of this video, because I did.  I find Cosmo Kramer to be the only sympathetic character to appear on Seinfeld, even if it's because he's completely out there.  But he has no delusions about it, and never pretends to be a better person than he is, in comparison to the trio of complete schmucks he hangs out with all the time.

So here it is, each of Kramer's entrances (and at least one egress), in chronological order.

Oh, and if you happen to be rolling in dough, please consider buying me this for Christmas...

That's all for this week, have a great weekend!