Monday, March 2, 2009


Here's the big piece. It's about 15 inches tall, and I love it. That bowl is pretty nice, too. Also in the firing was a bowl and mug set (special order), and my little test piece, which I may post a photo. Tried a new glaze in it, which I think I'll like in the future; I used it too thick, so it pooled and bubbled in the bottom of the bowl, which is not a desirable result. But, used thinner, with more control, I think it will be lovely. However, with that test piece I also discovered that my green slip doesn't fire green (unglazed) but just a lighter (cobalt) blue. Which is odd, as it's copper based. Which is green. Not blue. Curious.

That's all for now. Studio night tomorrow (Tuesday). Will keep you updated.



Allison said...

Your work is really great.
Allison Muschel
Buyers Market of American Craft

Luke said...

Thanks, Allison! And thanks for stopping by. I've got a kiln finishing up tomorrow, so I should have lots of new work up by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

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