Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pictures from this weekend.

Red vase - thrown in one piece, pretty consistent thickness from base to top, so I'm feeling alright about it. Still needs some shape work and trimming, in the bottom half specifically. At least this time the trimming is not so much about weight as it is about shape. As mentioned before, vertical forms are more challenging for me, but I'm getting there. It's all about the practice.

The clay was also less than perfectly cooperative, but it happens. I was working to combine two different batches of red clay, one which was too hard, and one which was a little soft. In short, the first pieces I threw with the clay were scrapped and rethrown. The centering process did a lot to homogenize the clay, work out lumps and bubbles, etc. In the end, the clay was pretty workable. Hence the vase. Below is the paten to match the chalice I was working on last week (2 weeks ago? Time flies a little...).

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