Monday, March 2, 2009

Some afternoon.

Sunday afternoon in the studio:

some throwing,

some trimming,

some recycling,

some glazing,

some anticipation of a finished glaze fire,

some jazz,

some clean-up,

some pieces flying of the wheel

(throwing and flying are completely different verbs),

some Thin Mints,

some paying of Guild bills.

That's it in a nutshell. I had 9 pounds of clay yet, so I thought to throw a few smaller bowls. I've been doing a lot of larger pieces lately, so I was feeling the need to do some small quick pieces. I forgot to photograph them, but I threw and trimmed and slipped 5 bowls of various smaller size. One bowl did not survive - it decided to hop off the wheel in the trimming phase. Which is okay. I couldn't decide which color of slip it wanted, so it decided to avoid the decision altogether. I'll finish decorating them my next trip into the studio.

If you've been reading long, you know I haven't been doing much glazing, but rather stockpiling my bisque. Now that it is March, I can glaze things. So I did. Lots of things. A little under half of my stockpile. Here's a picture of my work glazed and waiting to be fired:

(See that? That's a whole shelf that's just me.)

So, that's about half. And then another significant amount of work that was being bisqued while I was in there. So, I still have plenty more to glaze. Which will happen this week. I want to see these pieces finished!

I also paid my bill yesterday. It's not free, working in the Guild. I pay monthly dues which support the regular upkeep (utilities, repairs, a well-stocked pot of candy on the counter) and also secure my access to the studio. Also in my bill are the charges for clay and firings (16 cubic feet of bisque firing in February!). I don't have to buy my clay from the Guild, but it's much more convenient for me than any other options, and, when you figure that I don't have to drive anywhere to pick it up, cheaper. It's a pretty great deal overall, and I don't think I can state too much how I appreciate it. A place like this is not so easy to find, generally.

And finally, here's a picture of a larger jar/vase. It's I think 14 inches tall. I like it.

I'll be out to pick up the stuff from the glaze fire tonight. Check back later for pictures of that stuff. It should be sweet.

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