Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Studio Update

Made it back to the studio this afternoon before picking Krystal up at the airport. Discovered that my repair job on the behemoth bowl to be to no avail. Bummer, but that's the way it goes. I had some clay from Saturday to finish recycling, and found it to be quite the right consistency for throwing, so I made a new big bowl. I also threw a smaller bowl to be its friend. Here's a picture.

For reference, that's a 5 gallon bucket behind the big bowl.

I also realized I forgot to update on the positives that were accomplished in the studio last night. In addition to breaking a very large bowl, I also threw a nice sized plate, a lovely flower pot, a decent vase, and a mug & bowl order. No pictures though, sorry. Forgot the camera yesterday, and didn't even get so far as to unwrap those pieces today.

However, here are a couple more pictures of some large bowls that finely decorated inside. Ta-dum!

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