Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Picture Update

No studio news, just picture update. I have a new album of older pieces up on my Facebook, here. It's an assortment of mugs, small bowls, and a couple plates that never made it into an album. Here's a small sampling:

I haven't been in the studio since last Saturday. Krystal is heading back to Iowa to spend a few days with her family, so we've been enjoying evenings together this week. Consequentially, I will be living in the studio this weekend. Hopefully lots of pictures, lots of progress made. Granted, I still need to work on the whole "where are these pots going, why am I making them" thing, but no big.

That's all for now folks.


markbakerstudios said...

Luke-I gotta say, your work is incredible! The pictures of your pieces are striking, and they way you speak about both, process and results is inspiring. Congratulations man!


Luke said...

Thanks! I'm glad to find your new site - looks like you're having a decent amount of success in your field!

Marcia Brown said...

Your mom told me about your blog so decided to check it out. I can tell that you LOVE throwing. Your work is beautiful. I will have to stop in and see more as you continue.

Luke said...

Thanks Marcia - it's nice to know when people are reading! And always, eternal thanks for letting Krystal and I crash in your living room all those years ago!