Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a little of this...

Just a bit of time in the studio last night.

Glazed a handful of pieces (below). The bowl & mug set are a commissioned set, so they get glazing priority. The other little bowl is a test piece. I've never done naked green slip on the outside of a piece before, so this one will be testing it. It's also a new glaze on the inside - one I've never used before, but may have potential. We'll see how it goes.

Have I posted pictures of unfired glaze here before? It's amazing how ridiculous the glazes look when they go on - absolutely nothing like the colors they will turn out to be. The little fiery red inside the little bowl should fire a blue-brown (strange combination), and the other reddish glaze inside the other pieces is also a blue color. The chalky mint color on the outside of those will fire a transparent/translucent pale green, reminiscent of a celadon.

Some of the more interesting surprises come when, even in the process of glazing a batch of work, you forget what went inside one bowl vs. the other, which can then throw off entirely your choice of glaze for the outside of the piece. I've gotten some interesting combinations simply because I mistook which glazes I had actually used.

I also finished up (I think) my big jar. It came together a lot faster than the last one, so that's a plus. Anyhow, here it is.

It's now down to 20 inches, and will continue to shrink here and there as it dries and fires. It's my hope that it is still a solid 18" in the end. I think I'm quite pleased with it.

Once we get into March I should be glazing and getting some of this new work finished up. It'll be a massive batch of finished work, that's for sure.


Anita said...

Hey...looks like you've been busy and playing with the 'big stuff'. Vases are pretty cool. I like the little stuff too. Anxious to see the new colors you are trying. HOw do you find time to do all the blogging? Amazing. Keep it up!


markbakerstudios said...

Luke - this large vessel is really impressive, i really enjoy seeing the delicate hand work on all of your stuff. nice blurb at the top or your site too, it's nice to hear some of those personal insights. also, i'm awfully jealous of your nine hour days in the studio. good luck with those experimental glazings. do you ever make lids? later