Thursday, March 21, 2013

Firings, New pots, a show is coming up.

Perhaps there will be a good update with words in the near future. Well, there will be. Cause there's news of sorts. But not going to take the time for it right this moment. In the meantime, here are some pots from the last couple glaze firings. Gearing up for the Zonta Spring Craft Sale right here in Pierre in two weeks (April 6-7, Pierre Mall), as well as wrapping up some commissioned pieces. Most of these pots will be at the show. Not the commissioned ones, obviously. And I'm also down three mountain vases in the last week, so sorry about that. Those things just sell themselves.

Lots of glazing in the last couple weeks, all in a couple (2 or 3? I can't remember just now) firings. Nothing spectacular to share, nothing rare going on. Tried out a couple of new glazes, but mostly sticking with the old tried-and-trues. Here are the pictures:

Trying out a new green. Needs a little more trial/experience, but shows promise.
Crocks. Of various color and design.
Stacks of bowls.
Sunflowers. Crocks and vases. At the moment, none are spoken for. For the moment.
Teapot, two cups.
Tea set. Discovered the lip is a little bit blurbly. Blurble is a word. Just as the jabberwocky. Still, nice functionality with practiced pouring and a serving towel handy.
Pour-thru Coffee Brewer. With matching mug.
Set of four communion chalices. Shipped westward this week.
Custom order. Everyone will know this is Adam's stein.

That's the work, thanks for stopping by. And, of course, listening to lots of great music, but trying not to spend too much money these days. Lots of great stuff over at Noisetrade. Josh Garrels' "Love, War, and the Sea in Between" is available again and was one of my favorite discoveries back in 2011. Check it out.

Until then: take care. Stay warm. It's spring, you know.

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Anita said...

Really like the looks of those crocks....very nice red one...and the wheat drawing on the other one...hmm....pretty nice!!