Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Radio Silence

Things have been quiet here lately. So here are a couple of things worth sharing:

  1. Getting ready for the "show" aspects of the upcoming Spring Zonta Sale THIS WEEKEND at the Pierre Mall, Saturday and Sunday. Come and say hi if you're in the area, pick up some pottery because...
  2. I'm going on a studio hiatus do to an upcoming relocation. As in, out of town, out of state, here we go again.  The house is sold, the studio is being cleaned and packed. I'm hesitant to announce any further details in this space until they're pinned down with some more finality. We have a bad habit of making plans and then changing them last minute.

    For fans of my work who are local, this means that this weekend's sale is the last chance to get my work locally for a while. I won't say ever, but for a while. For those non-local, it means I've had to turn down too many orders for work in the last month than I should ever be comfortable with. Thank you in advance to those who have allowed those orders to be filed as a "hold," rather than "dismiss," until we get settled and my studio can be up and running again.
  3. The good news, for me and pottery fans everywhere, is that having my own studio equipment means I won't have to wait (I hope) as long to get back into the swing of things once the dust has settled.
  4. Also, I'd rather not move my inventory with me, so now's a great time to make me an offer and haggle over the details on work in stock. Which is hard to do over the internet, but know that it's an option.
  5. Thanks again for following along. I know at least three people read my ramblings regularly, and I appreciate all of you dearly.
  6. A sixth entry, for good measure.
  7. And seven because it's my favorite number.
I hope you got all that. I'll try not to disappear for too long this time. In the meantime, keep tabs of me on Facebook and Twitter.

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