Friday, June 8, 2012

Pots of Life

I've been absent. But present. Busy, and not so productive. Lots going on, and not much to share.

Had a wonderful visit by Krystal's mother last weekend which kept me more or less out of my studio. But not completely. Here's an illustrated guide to the past 10 days of my life. Hopefully it's interesting. 

(Spoiler alert: I unloaded a glaze kiln yesterday, so those pictures are at the bottom of this post.)

Took some time off last Friday to take the Mom-in-Law down to the Rez and visit Krystal's office. Got to see some of my own (design) handiwork on display in their offices.
Krystal's (above) nonprofit is doing some really cool things in the community. You can read all about Hunkpati Investments here.
Took some great cloud pictures. Like these.
Had to spend a day driving to the airport. Here's "what's up" at the rest areas in South Dakota.
Krystal took "rest area" a little bit too far.
I enjoyed the fresh air and scenic vistas.
Loaded a bisque firing.
Tempy helped me glaze. She's very helpful.
Took her for a walk as a reward. We found a bunny.
Glazed some more.
Loaded up the kiln.

Watched it get warmer.
Unloaded. Thrilled about the blues. The Rust Red has been giving me a lot of trouble lately, though. Grr.

And threw some more bowls.
So that's been my week. Krystal's been out on the eastern seaboard and I get her home again tonight. Might be able to squeeze in a little more throwing before her plane gets in if I try really hard.

That's it for now, I suppose.

For the record, studio listening lately has included: the latest from Beach House, Bloom; new music from Alabama Shakes, Delta Spirit, and M. Ward; and I dusted off ye olde Les Mis this week after catching this at the theatre last weekend.

Take care, y'all.
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Sweet kiln load my friend!