Friday, January 20, 2012

Bowls and bowl and bowls.

Because today I don't feel much like dealing in words, here are lots of pictures. Because I used my camera this weekend. Lots of trimming, lots of decorating. Some plates. Some mugs. Some things didn't get photographed. But you should really take what you can get. Especially at this time of year when my basement (studio) is so cold that... it's pretty cold. So I took lots of pictures of the bowls I've been making and the decoration therein. Of course, once they're turned right-side-up they'll have a completely different balance and flow. Part of the magic and mystery, I think.
Bowls! Trimmed, footed, sgraffito-ed.
Two... two...
by two, by two, dear Lord...
these things we clay!
A few of these - soon to be pretty blues. A friend of mine recommended I refer to the blue effect as "in your face cobalt." So there you go.
Minis - These will get the In Your Face Cobalt treatment, and a vase!
And one that's not a pot at all!!
That there above is a powered speaker dock for my iPod/wedding-ring-holder. It was a Christmas gift from my fabulous wife and it makes my studio quite cheerier. I had been playing my tunes through an old pair of computer speakers but it was constantly draining my iPod's battery to do so, and this little black box has fabulous sound, plus it (re)charges my iPod and keeps track of my ring while I'm potting so I don't have to remember where I put it. Potter problems, I guess. In any event, the little blue Nano has been keeping me grooving to my favorite tunes from 2011 (Fleet Foxes! Civil Wars! Foo Fighters! Who was my favorite for the year?) and even 2012 (A Requiem Mass from the David Crowder*Band - amazing! Off to a great start for the last year on the calendar and all that!). So that's been great and I wanted to give Krystal a shout-out for her great gifting. Also under the tree from Krystal: this amazing tome on Marguerite Wildenhain and the Bauhaus. Wildenhain's work and the Bauhaus tradition are of significant influence on my ceramic ancestry, if not my work and philosophy directly, so I'm very much looking forward to digging into the anthology.

Will I get to work in my studio some more this weekend? I sure hope so. Will I wait until next Friday before blogging again? Most likely.

Stay warm, folks. It's cold out there.

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see you have a wedding ring holder. Annette couldn't find Tim's ring and an amazing "find" happened. Tim's friend was at the studio helping us clean up his working area. He looked down in the corner of the gutter, just before the open drain at the wall, and saw something shiny. It was Tim's wedding ring. He must have had it on the windowsill there and it had fallen off. We couldn't believe what luck that was and Annette was delighted, of course.
I love seeing your work in progress, it's great.
Helen, (Annette's mom)