Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Does it come in blue?

Hey all!

I haven't done as much potting this week as I'd like to - back there's some progress, some photos to share, eventually. Bowls and mugs and such. I could have made further progress, but I had to spend a fair amount of time Saturday correcting some warped lips/flanges that my plastic coverings left on some bowls. Not my favorite way to spend studio time, but it sure beats not discovering the flaws until the bowls are too dry to do anything about it. So, there's the lemonade: home studio = staying on top of time/moisture sensitive pottery issues.

In the  meantime I wanted to stop by and share this video I came across recently (out there on the interwebs). If you're a potter, or an artist, your you like art, or you frequent art fairs for some reason not listed above, this is worth the watch.

Video is supported by Clay Times Magazine and written & produced by Ivy Creek Stoneware.

I don't even do that many shows each year and it still nearly gave me an anxiety attack. If you watched the video and didn't understand what was so hilarious (stress-inducing), please don't ever ask to purchase pottery from me, or any other artist.

I guess that's it for me. Lots of decorating and trimming ahead this week, as well as more throwing, dreaded handles, probably followed by more trimming and decorating. And a three-day weekend, as well - so even more pots down the chute, hopefully.

Thanks for stopping by!

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