Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Some throwing actually occurred!  Nothing horribly exciting, but some things that needed to start happening for some special orders.  Despite having company in town for the long weekend, I was able to sneak away to my studio to get to work on some of these things. 
This will get a lid, and maybe a handle, as a special ordered item for a member of the local art group in town. 
Two plates.
Four more plates.  I have an order for a set of four, which means I'll probably be throwing 10-12 and selecting the for that match closest in size and shape.  I don't think I throw plates often enough, especially to make a matching set out of the gate.  But if I throw another 4 or 6 I should end up with two decent sets out of it.  We'll see what happens.
A better view of some drying pieces that are trimmed and decorated (compared to the post earlier in the weekend).
So there you have it.  Finally getting down to business, and hopening to have a brief respite from busyness for 10 days or so.  Maybe.  If I'm lucky.  So we'll see. 

That's it for this early post.  Have a great week!

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