Monday, June 6, 2011

Brief Update, Plates.

I've actually managed to be a pretty busy bee with regard to the clay this last week/weekend.  In and out of the studio.  Throwing, trimming, decorating, confering with customers over commissioned works.  Still feels like a lot of busyness, but most of that is my fault.  Well, as much as it can be my fault that all the time over the last month that normally would go to pottery has instead gone to family-related travel, houseguests, and sandbagging efforts.  But I've finally buckled down to getting some real pottery work done.  Looming deadlines are awful good for that.  Proper post with more pictures soon (hopefully, or at least this week at some point) but here's a taste of what I've been up to:
Took the clay on a field trip to my back deck yesterday; decorating in the sun is certainly a change from the chill of the basement.  By mid-July I should be quite content with the basement chill but for now the heat is still quite novel.
Part of the frustration/delay lately has also had to do with spending a lot of time waiting; waiting for pots to firm up so I can slip them, waiting for slip to dry so I can decorate, waiting for pots dry so I can trim them, and soonafter, waiting for everything to be bone dry so that I can fire them.  I'm very thankful for the fact that once I get things dry enough for the bisque there isn't a whole lot of necessary waiting involved.  Assuming I have the time, I can unload the bisque, head straight for the glazing, and reload the kiln within 48 hours.  Assuming I have the time, and don't screw up, I can go from dried greenware to finished works in 72 hours, assuming I have the time.  

So there we are, for now.  Stop back later for a better update, and have a great week!

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Tony Van Helsing said...

Oh man, have you had floods?

Luke said...

Oh yeah - I was going to post a link at the sandbagging reference and forgot! Our home is not in a flood zone, but our town is experiencing pretty severe (once-in-a-lifetime-sort) flooding. You can read about it here: