Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Week in Photos :: It's Post #50!!!

The "Week" in Review: May 5 - May 10, 2009

Tuesday (5/5) night was spent trimming and decorating some things, as well as doing a handful of glazings. I'm trying some new-ish things with glazes. As in, actually using some here and there. We'll see what happens with that. Here's some pots that are drying - waiting to be fired.

Thursday (5/7) night was an abbreviated session in the studio. I had some errands to run in preparation for the weekend's show, so I was left with just over an hour to get some work done. So I threw some vases/bottles. I like them. I hope other folks do, too. They're fun to throw, and good practice on a technical level. Here's some of those thrown, as well as a piece started the week before trimmed, slipped, and ready for decorating. I think it's going to get a lid...

The weekend (5/9 - 5/10) was spent out at a sale, which is always a good learning experience, no matter how the outcome. On the whole, it was a good thing - I got to talk to a lot of people about my work, hand out lots of cards, and (at least on Saturday) I got to spend a day in the sun with my lovely wife who was kind enough to join me.

I think it will take this event a few years to get on its feet before it will begin drawing people in specifically looking to buy from and support local artists. Overall, the selling aspect of the sale was on the discouraging side of things - for most of the artists, I would say. Between the economy (which I've heard is not so great right now...) and the newness of the event, most visitors approached the event as more of a show, or exhibition. But, no artist will ever say that visibility is a bad thing, even if the sales don't happen, so the sheer number of visitors was a good thing. And I can't complain - I did sell enough to cover studio costs for the next couple months, which is always good.

The other judge of the success of a sale is whether or not you go home with any empty bins (that were previously full). Due to the sale of vases (which don't pack very well) and a re-organized approach to packing my wares, I was able to come home on Sunday with one empty bin, so I'll call it good.

Thanks to everyone that came out, especially on Sunday when the weather was ominous and the sun not so bright. Here's some pictures from the weekend. Special thanks to Mary, and her crew at the Ute Trail Greenhouse, for hosting the event and working their tails off advertising the event. Thanks also to Robin and Mary, my neighbors in the shrubs for the weekend.

And thanks once again to my lovely Krystal for giving up her Saturday to bask in the sun for 10 hours. Rough life, huh?

Me and my pots.

Pottery - in natural light. Doesn't get any better than that.

And Krystal, early in the day. Pre-sunburn.

I'll be back in the studio tonight, so hopefully another post before the end of the week. New work, etc. Should be fun.

Comments, questions, concerns? Let me know. Also, most of the pieces pictured above (from the weekend's sale) are still available for purchase. If you have any interest in them, let me know.


markbakerstudios said...

Your pots look great, Luke. What a spread! Keep up the good work! Congrats to Krystal.

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