Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Spent a couple hours in the studio last night. No throwing to speak of, just triming down and decorating pots. Uneventful, overall. Here's pictures of a few of the things touched on. I had 7 or 8 pieces on and off the wheel over the evening; here's pictures of a few of them.

Still needs another coat of slip, and perhaps a bit more shaping before it's too close to done.

Bottle vase with brown slip and arboreal motif.

Nice little lid for this jar.

That's probably it from me for this week. We've got family coming into town tomorrow to celebrate Kystal's graduation (Master of Arts!!! Kudos!), so I probably won't be into the studio until next week. I have some finished pieces to shoot and post - tried some [new] glazes this time around, to mixed results. I'd also like to post some pics of the plates and cups I did for the Guild's June fundraiser - turned out nicely, also with glaze!

Wow, so much glazing! Turning over a new leaf?

I doubt it.

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