Wednesday, May 27, 2009

J'ai oublié encore mon appareil photo...

...donc, il n'y a pas des photos de pottery.

(I forgot my camera again , so there's no pictures of pottery)

I did go to the studio last night for some trimming, and some glazing. I'm working with a couple options for actually using glaze on the outside of my pots. Gasp! I think it's a good decision overall. I don't think this means that everything from now on will be glazed, but I should have some more color in my palette. Which won't hurt.

So, trimming and decorating some fundraiser plates, a medium sized bowl, and a healthy round of glazing. That was pretty much the order of the evening.

In lieu of pottery photos, here's a couple of pictures from our Memorial Day weekend. We escaped for some much needed respite in the mountains. Cause living in the city makes me a little crazy.

Sunday: looking up the mountain. Twin Sisters, in Rocky Mountain National Park. We stopped shy of summit on account of thunder. In case of thunder, being below the tree-line is a good idea.

Sunday: looking across the valley to Mt. Meeker and Long's Peak. Can't you see them? By the time we came down the mountain, we couldn't either. Big, ugly, black clouds. There's nothing quite like a Rocky Mountain thunderstorm... especially when you're on the mountain.

Monday: Back in the mountains for some hiking and climbing with friends. Much drier, moderately warmer.

Monday: my wife is super cool. Yeah, she's the one on the rock. Little spider monkey, she.


Anonymous said...

Haha. You're both pretty cool if you ask me. Did you climb?

Luke said...

Well, thanks! I'm glad you agree that we're cool.

I did climb as well, but Krystal failed to photograph me effectively. So, while she looks all dramatic climbing, all we have are a half dozen pictures of my butt rapelling down the rock... Still fun though. It's a good outside-my-comfort-zone activity.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha.. Thanks for not sharing your photos then.....