Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mild Case of Creative Problem Solving

Glaze kiln unloaded = new pots = having to pack them up safely and find a home for them = creative problem solving. I didn't major in art; I got a degree in creative problem solving.

Here are the new pieces - a smaller load then I thought they would be, but that happens to be one honking big blue bowl there. They actually packed up quite nicely, without too much trouble, but finding a home for them in my bins amongst the other pots may be a bit of a challenge. I'll link to an album when I get "official" shots of these pieces up.
And here are two pieces of bisque (bisque meaning they've been fired once). In this stage they are not finished and still absorb moisture. So, this is what they look like before they've been glazed and glaze-fired, at least with this clay body (the Speckled Buff). In this stage they can be glazed, glazes being composed of various chemical compounds and water; water, so you can brush/dip/spray it onto the pot. The bisque absorbs the water (and it evaporates) and you're left with a coat of glaze on your pot. Then the pots will be fired again to an even higher temperature range at which the clay and glaze bind and vitrification occurs (look it up, you'll be glad you did).
I'm rather excited about that larger vase, which stands at about 16 inches tall right now. It's the first "bigger" piece I've done in two years, and since I recently sold the large vase keeping our bookshelve even, we need something new to fill that spot. Or, something new to sell. Either one. And then the little vase is just for comparison.

I'm thinking it may be time to find a local gallery outlet for my work... we're running out of room in our apartment... I'll be sure to let you know if anything comes of that thought.

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