Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Tonight I was in the studio for a spare hour after work, just to glaze the growing pile of bisqued pots waiting for me. I forgot to grab my camera on my way out the door this morning, which is a bummer. I really wanted to share a view of pots in the bisque stage - having been fired once, but not finished. In the hour there I was able to glaze about 20 bowls and vases ranging from small nut bowls to a couple larger fruit/serving/mantle-piece bowls. There are still two more left to glaze, so maybe I can snag a picture of them.

Glazing is more time consuming than difficult, and also quite exacting - at least in my style, I try to prevent my glazes from running, drizzling, or dripping anywhere that I don't want them. This takes a little more time and patience and care than simply dipping pieces in the buckets of glaze.

Glazing is always a little bit of a crap-shoot; you never really know what you're going to find when you open that kiln, even if you've used the same glaze a hundred times. Hopefully they all turn out the way I want. Or, at the very least, in a way that somebody else likes enough to pay for!

That's it for tonight - short blog for a short trip to the studio.

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