Monday, February 20, 2012

Mobile Update: Happy President's Day!

Greetings after a nice long weekend! Normally these three day breaks in the normal work schedule mean more time for me to get into the clay, but this time around it meant getting out of town for a couple days. Krystal and I headed for the Hills for a couple nights for, among other things, spelunking.
This is a picture in a cave! What!

We didn't have anything set in stone, but mostly wanted to head to the "big" city for some fun and games, and hoped to find some adventure outside of Rapid City. We found it in the form of Jewel Cave National Monument - which is actually the 2nd longest cave in the world! Current surveyed length is somewhere around 190 miles, and geologists estimate (based on air flow exchanges and lots of math) that this accounts for less than 5% of the total cave volume. In fact, since early December surveyors have added an additional 4 miles of previously uncharted cave. Wild, huh? 

Then we braved a blizzard to drive back home and I got to work on some bowls. And here are some pictures, courtesy of my Boysenberry smartphone.
Trying some new things, decoratively.
A few of these.
A couple more.

So there you have it. Big city adventure times, exploring caves, braving blizzards, and blue-slipped bowls. That's it for now, folks. See ya later!

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