Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pots from the First Glaze Firing - January 2011

A little late in arriving, my official slides of the pots from my first glaze firing back in January.  I think there may still be one or two not quite represented from this batch, but this is the majority (of the good stuff).  Enjoy!

Also, I have been back into the studio - more throwing, trimming, etc.  Also, you may have noticed an updated look on the main page.  I'm not a programming genius, but the Blogger platform has made it pretty easy to get a nicely customized design.  I'll hopefully be outlining the major additions soon - in the meantime, poke around and enjoy the pots!

For the record: have been digging Jimmy Eat World's 2004 release this evening while working on this stuff.  Takes me back to college.  *sigh*  Not that I'd be willing to go back.  Great chapter of life, wonderful time, but I'm over it.  With the exception of bills and responsibilities and putting in more than 12 hours of obligatory commitments during the week, adulthood is a far better place to be sitting.  Just my two cents.
Futures, Jimmy Eat World: really haunting collection of alternative pop-punk, or whatever it is.  Very good album that's worth going back and taking a listen to.


AnthonyMichaels said...

The bright yellowish-white vase with the runny grey rim in the fifth photograph is my favorite. That combination is spectacular.

Luke said...

Thanks! That glaze is has a little more green to it in person, but it's fun to try some things that are different from what I normally do - glad you like it!

Log Cabin Studio said...

What lovely amazing pottery!