Saturday, March 19, 2011

Post #151!!!

Apparently my last post was the monumental post #150.  But I didn't notice, so I didn't mention it or do anything awesome to mark the milestone.  But I'm here to make up for it!  I'm finally home without any plans for travel in the near future.  Granted the last couple trips out of town have been for funerals, and thuswise out of my control, I'm looking forward to some downtime.  Or at least hometime.  And also because it is time to introduce to you my new studio assistant!

Ladies and gentemen, I proudly present to you Miss Temperance (Tempy) Langholz!
Yeah, I know that's Krystal.  Tempey is the little fuzzy one.

She's cuddly.
Ferocious.  Yeah, that is a Tyrannosaurus she's owning there.
And of course, as my new assistant, she also exhibits those most all-important traits such as dilligence, responsibility, go-getter-ness, and, clearly, is a VERY hard worker.  We're very excited to have her on board.
She's still of course on a probationary period before she'll be handling any studio responsibilities, but she's a very quick learner and expect great things from this young creative prodigy.

That said, she's keeping us busy.  Add to that a visit from the inlaws (love you guys!) that coincided with her arrival, and we've had a very full week.  Without nearly as much sleep as I prefer to get.  And certainly not enough potting.  But I did get into the studio today to take care of some pots from last week?  last fortnight?  Something like that.
Yeah, thought I'd try another rainbow pot, with some carving.  We'll see.
Also, there's been some studio changes for me lately.  Namely my decor decided to descend from the walls, so now there is none.  Trying to come up with a creative way to get these cork sheets back on the wall, because clearly the little adhesive pads aren't cutting it. 
Rebellious cork squares.  How am I supposed to draw inspiration from an empty wall?
I also swapped out ye olde folding chair in exchange for a more pottery-suitable stool, courtesy of my folks.  This may not sound that exciting, but boy, let me tell you, it really is!  Thrilling!  Stools are the only appropriate thing to throw pots in!  Also, this stool has been in my family for as long as I can remember.  Like, literally.  At least 22 years.  I don't remember Dad assembling it, but otherwise it's always been a family staple in his music studio.  Rearrangements at home (and perhaps in his lumbar vertrebrae?) have resulted in a different studio arrangement for him (a real chair) so I got this beauty:
Isn't it great?  Adjustable legs!  Now it fits my wheel perfectly!
There you have it.  Post #151, full of excitement.  Also, it's been sunny and warm all week.  What more could you ask for!  And all sorts of great music this spring!  Have been grooving with the new Radiohead and bopping with the new Strokes record (it was streaming all week on their website, here!)  So that's awesome.  And I'm looking forward to some new Foo Fighters in April, not to mention NPR's insane amount of live concert recordings from the SXSW festival in Austin, TX (find them here!).  Post #151, you didn't fail to deliver.  It's been an awesome week full of wonder and excitement.  Next: moving on to a full docket of glazing + more wonder, excitement, and discovery galore!

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