Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lobster! Crab! Tomato Basil!

Yes, I'm talking about bisque.  Not the soup, but the pots.  They were fired just fine, and unloaded quite merrily.  No explosions or anything like that.  Also, I made it home safely from my 24 hour whirlwind tour of the tristate area.  Here are some pictures:
The bottom of the kiln.
The top of the kiln.  First to be unloaded, second to be uploaded.  There's something Biblical about that...
Experimental slips.  Red and green and yellow.  We'll see how they glaze!
Finally, as long as I was running around outside (in the garage is like outside, right?) with a camera I thought I'd show y'all how winter drags on up around here.  But we're hopeful!
See that?  Grass!  Unbelievable!
I guess we're still ten days away or so from the first day of spring, but we're very optimistic that the snow is on its way out.  Maybe.  But we wouldn't be surprised by another blizzard sometime next week. You just get used to these things after a while. 

That's it for now.  Glazing on the horizon.  More throwing, too, I hope.  Have a great weekend and don't forget to set your clocks ahead tonight (for those living in areas that observe Daylight Savings Time, that is).  

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