Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Throwing and such.

Six day posting gap!  I don't feel so bad about that.  Ideally I could get more than one update per week, but I'll take what I can get these days!

I had a healthy bout of throwing/trimming/decorating/claywork this weekend, I believe Sunday afternoon.  Enjoyed some shuffled musical options which gave me a pretty diverse stuff to throw through for the afternoon. Started out with U2's 1983 (breakthrough?) War, which is certainly not one that I default to when I go looking for U2.  Which is often.  Ended with the latter half of Led Zeppelin's Early Days/Latter Days hits collection - again, not the side I normally go to.  Where Early Days has the big hits ("Black Dog," "Rock and Roll," "Stairway," and my personal favorite "When the Levee Breaks") Latter Days has some serious blues-metal psychadelic jams.  Seriously enjoyable stuff.  Sandwiched in the middle were M.Ward's Hold Time and the Man in Black's always great Live at Folsom PrisonNow that's a soundtrack for the creative process.
WarHold Time
At Folsom PrisonLatter Days: Best of Led Zeppelin, Vol.2
So that was the listening experience on Sunday.  I also had a great time listening to quite a variety of stuff for some Monday night throwing as well, but it's currently escaping me.  I know it included a fair bit of the Jimi Hendrix experience, so there ya go.  Pictures below from my weekend's work.  Didn't document yesterday's throwing, but there was a bit of it.  Some vases, some bowls.  A couple of moderately exciting things.  Getting to the bottom of my fresh clay supply - guess I'll be needing some more soon.  Not much more than that, as far as news is concerned.
Recycling clay - time to make up for not having any more of the good stuff!

Bowl.  Still needs a trimmed foot, but I like the carving.

A couple of theses Arizona pots. 
Baby little arizona.

Playing with shape.  These will probably just get glazed.   Pretty bold move on my part.
Test plates - gotta find out how some of these glazes play on a FLAT surface.
Baby mountains, to test glazes.  Boo. 
So that's it for now I guess.  I'm looking to make some updates to my site/blog, visually and functionally, but I need to get some time to sit around and do that.  For the moment, I'd still generally rather be throwing then coding, but sometimes these things must be done.  So, maybe, if somebody out there nags a little bit, I'll get around to it.

Peace out, and stay warm.  Don't want any of my few faithful readers freezing away from me out there. 

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