Monday, February 28, 2011

Studio Update: Sunday

Just for a brief spell, working in the studio on Sunday.  Not too much, though.  It's been a crazy couple of week(end)s with way too much car time.  It's not getting any better, either, at least not for the next couple of weeks.  *sigh*  So I have to take the potting in bits and pieces, when I can.

Actually, I spent the better part of my studio time committed to cleaning.  Not my favorite thing ever, but certainly rewarding.  Somewhere along the line I quit emptying my splash pans between trimming and throwing and trimming again.  And so the trimmings had begun to take over the corner, just a little bit.  Lots of trimmings on the wheel, on the floor... well, those are really the only two places that dry trimmings can end up.  In any event, we're due for a visit from the inlaws in a few weeks and as my studio borders the guest bath I thought I'd best get a headstart on doing a little spring cleaning in preparation.  So there was a little bit of sweep-sweep-sweep and a just a tad bit of sponge-sponge-sponge.  As we get closer to the visit, there will be more sweep-sweep with a substantial helping of mop-mop-mop and probably a bout of Hoover-Hoover-Hoover.  Well, for studio clean-up it's more like Black'n'Decker-Black'n'Decker but I think you get the point.  There's nothing like a valid reason to motivate you into cleaning and all that.

All that to say, I cleaned up, and then I decided to do some throwing and mess things up a bit again.  C'est la vie.  Here's what I was up to on Sunday:
Still working on this vase.  Waiting for inspiration, or something. 
But see, I carved those rings around the top and bottom?
Bowl.  I need more "plain" bowls coming out of the kiln. 
This is going to be a thingy-bobber for holding all my trimming/carving tools and brushes and such, so that I can quit using the old Daisy sour cream cup that's constantly tipping over and spilling my tools all over the place.  I don't know why it's taken me seven years to finally make something that's designated for my tools.  I think I had one once in college, but somebody offered me twenty bucks for it at the end of the semester or something.  So I clearly don't have that any more.

Oh yeah, I'm also experimenting with adding more color to my slip palette.  Ta-dum!
Some more little bowls, thrown from the hump.  I have some unfinished business when it comes to glaze testing, and quick little things do that the best, for sure.

So that's my story.  Not much else to speak of at the moment.  Congrats on making it through another Monday, and good luck with the rest of the week.

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