Saturday, December 18, 2010

A very happy Saturday morning to all!  Not a whole lot to report, at least not as far as my camera can show for.  And I'm feeling a little too lazy to head into the basement to shoot what I've been throwing this week, so you'll just have to live with this photo, proof of my prepping the kiln shelves for firing. 
Shelves, washed.
For best results, shelves should be coated with kiln wash, which is brushed on.  In this case, the wash is a silica based solution that coats the shelves in a nice protective layer so as to prevent any pots/glaze from sticking to the shelves.  If glaze does drip or run, it can be easily removed from the shelf, taking the layer of wash with it, as opposed to an unwashed shelf where glaze drips and runs could only be removed by taking a layer of shelf with.  Layers of wash are much easier and cheaper to replace than layers of shelf, by the way. 

So that's it for now, I guess.  I have been throwing, and there will be more throwing, at least until the holiday break.  And after that the throwing will be less daily on account of a new job!  Thank you, Santa!  And, have a delightful weekend, preferably bundled up inside someplace warm!


Mr. Young said...

What kind of kiln wash are you using? Would like to know before I have to prep my own shelves.
Congrats!! A new job! Always helps the bottom line, doesn't it?
Keep throwin!
Oh, while I remember, how are you mixing your colored slips?

Luke said...

Robert - thanks always for your loyal readership! I plan to address my slips in a future post. The kiln wash I used on my shelves is a silica-based wash by Continental Clay Co. out of Minneapolis. It's mixed with water and then just brushed on. I think I put it on too thick, without enough drying between coats, so it will be flaking off much sooner than it should. Taking the time to do it well will be worh it!

Merry Christmas!