Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It is late, and I am want for sleep, but I did want to post a brief update to share that the electrician came out today to give us adequate power in our garage to plug in the kiln!  Hurrah!  
Kiln! I don't think you can see it, but the display screen is flashing "IDLE."  Well, it alternates between "IDLE" and displaying the temperature inside the kiln.  Which was 33 last time I looked.  It'll have to get a whole lot warmer than that to fire any pots, that's for sure.
After a little shimmying here and there, I even managed to fit our car back in the garage, too!  You can see that there is clearly room to spare on either end of the vehicle.  Good thing, too.  She was starting to get a little mouthy about sleeping outside every night.  I'll be glad when that finally blows over...
I've also been up to just a little bit of this.
And this.

And a couple more of these.
 Good night!

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Mr. Young said...

Can't wait to see that first load come out of the kiln! Go for it!