Friday, February 19, 2010

Unexpected Friday Evening Studio Time

Krystal had a thing come up suddenly this afternoon (Ladies Game Night with some other young women from our church), so I found myself with some time in the studio this evening after all.  Nothing to exciting to report, but I did snag some pictures of... well, pictures.  From the studio.  You know, like I usually post here?  So, here's that bowl I trimmed earlier this week, but the inside. 
This one's as special order for somebody who does some work in martial arts, and that's (apparently) the logo for the World Tae Kwon Do Association.  Or something like that.
And here's some mugs.  Yup.  Love those mugs.  "Love that Joker!" Tim Burton's Batman, anybody?  Anybody?  So apparently it's too late for me to be up and blogging...
Here's a bowl I threw.  It's to match two other bowls that a friend of mine has.  It's supposed to nest the other two.  Here's hoping.  Because it's always tricky, if you don't throw all parts of a set at the same time, trying to get their size relationships right.  But it's probably okay.
Here's the last of my white B-mix, which was recycled with the last of the blue b-mix slip.  So, I'm hoping it's a blue piece of pottery.  I decorated it with a sort of differenet technique for me.  But it was mostly thrown to use up the last of the clay.

So there you go.

The studio was pretty empty (as in, completely) because apparently other people have better things to do on Friday night than hang out throwing pots.  So I took advantage of the opportunity to blast some tunes.  Tonight the music of choice was the new Norah Jones, and one of the more recent albums by a dude named Kevin Max.
The FallThe Imposter
Kevin Max is most well known for being a part of 90's CCM group dc Talk, and his solo career over the last decade has been mostly under the radar.  It's rather eclectic arty/indie rock, and I recommend it.  And Norah's new release is I suppose similar to her last release, but more fun, and catchier.  A departure from her earliest work, it leaves the piano jazz more or less behind favoring guitar hooks and funky grooves.  Thoroughly enjoyable.

So, that's should be it for this week.  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Luke, great work. And thanks for the reminder to check out Norah's new stuff. I especially like the special Tae Kwan Do piece.. I don't know why..maybe just different designs than I'm used to seeing from you, but cool to have a "Luke" spin on the piece as well. I like that you push yourself to designs that stretch your work. All good stuff.

Anonymous said...


I also really love the white clay. And those cosmo bowls. Do more bowls like those.. haha.. I mean.. if you want.. :)