Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I went to the studio tonight and threw some mugs for a special order.

I've decided that if I ever open my own studio and try to make a living going at this whole pottery thing I will never make a mug again.  I may make cups.  I may make some tumblers.

But, as far as I am concerned, mugs and all their handle friends can bugger off.

(Because, someday, when I have my own studio, I'll also be British.)

So there you go. LC: I'm making these mugs just for you.  I hope they turn out well enough that you can appreciate them.

In other news, it's Krystal's birthday tomorrow (she'll be older than me for a ful 3 months 10 days) and then Valentine's Day follows in form, and we've been celebrating Krystal all week, so probably no studio time this weekend.  Which is fine with me, since it's been kind of a killjoy lately.  So, wifey: happy birthday!

Rest of the world: Happy Valentine's Day!

Because really, everybody's favorite holiday is that V-Day, right? 



Anita said...

Too bad mugs get such a bad rap by you. But I do like the idea of having a British son one day. Then I can say bugger off too! The big Vday is the best...followed by the great anniversary of the two happilyest married people's first date on the 17th! Yeh Love!!

VictorX said...

I seem to recall that you made the most amazing mug once upon a time. This mug was a happy Little Mug excited to join the world of fluid containers.

Then one Christmas the mug was to have a new master. When they were first introduced the new master said, "mrahnaga" which the Little Mug didn't understand. As time went on the little mug realized that his new master often said "mrahnaga" and "rummnitha" and such things when he was napping–but most of the time his life was filled with coffee; what a happy life!

(Thanks for a great mug, many years ago–the handle is still attached. Also the word I have to type to post this is "buncest" which is weirding me out.)