Friday, January 8, 2010

The Year in Pictures

An epicly non-ceramic photoblog of 2009 in its entirety, as it pertained to Luke & Krystal.  I'll be back in the studio this weekend, so we'll be back to pottery-related posts next week.  In the meantime, I give bonus points* to anyone who spots my pottery in these pictures and leaves a comment. 

We began our year with a snowshoeing weekend in the Rocky Mountains.

We might have lost the trail.  More than once.

It was beautiful.  In the mountains.  In the snow.

It was also cold.

We began the concert season early: The Killers in January.  It was a party.

Later that weekend we visited the Celestial Seasonings factory, and they gave us these fashionable hairnets.

Springtime got busy for us, but we found time to plant a small garden...

  ...and it gave us some vegetables!

Meanwhile, Krystal graduated with her Master's Degree.  Yay, Krystal!!!  Her parents were kind enough to bring my mom along for the celebration.

Then we started doing summery things, like hiking...

...and climbing...

...and outdoor concerts, like No Doubt.

We went rafting.  I spent some time in the river.  Other folks on our raft decided to become more acquainted with boulders.  I thought the boulders not so friendly, and avoided them successfully.

My brother Noah visited us for a week.  We went hiking again...

...and did other brotherly things.

We took him back to Iowa by way of a Coldplay show.

That weekend we also got to hang out with our awesome nephew, Andrew.

I think we drove back to Iowa the next weekend so Krystal could be in a wedding.  She got to wear these awesome shoes:

She was thrilled about those heels.

After that, we'd had enough of driving east, and so we decided we'd drive west for a while.  We spent some time at Mesa Verde.

Fourth of July + Grand Canyon + Hot Dogs + Hostess apple pies = Patriotic American.

A week was spent in San Diego (more vacation pictures can be seen here).

We drove by Arches National Park on our way home, so we stopped out and saw the sights.

By the time we made it home, we were ready to make another trip to Iowa.  We caught a quick Switchfoot concert.  They rocked.

We took Noah along because I'm a good big brother.

My family spent a weekend with us in August.  We enjoyed a Rockies game...

...and more hiking...

...and more being a good brother.

Our garden got bigger...

...and gave us more vegetables!

We spent several weekends in the early fall doing even more hiking.

We enjoyed some beautiful fall football games...

...and less than beautiful football games.

We took our friend Zane hiking with us...

...and we climbed a mountain.

Relient K rocked our faces off in Denver.  Cake rocked them off again two days later.

Krystal ran a Half Marathon.  I was sick in bed for a week, so I didn't run.

We did more "hiking" at the Garden of the Gods.

Krystal's folks and our friend Katie joined us for Thanksgiving dinner.

We drove back to Iowa for a Langholz Christmas.

We got snowed in.  Suffered from cabin fever.

We got tired of the cold, so we visited Krystal's folks.  They live in the desert.

I met some cacti...

...and we spent New Year's Day playing cards in the sun.


*Points have absolutely no value whatsoever, but I'll be greatly appreciative if you leave me a comment.


Mr. Young said...

Awesome pics! And - Yes, Reliant K and Switchfoot do rock! (not familiar with the others).
I saw a mountain vase (I think) in the short bookcase your Wii is setting on and in the bookcase above your head, and of course all the various bowls on the Thanksgiving table!

Luke said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures - and you found the pots! 30 points for you! :) Thanks for following the blog!