Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weekend pots, new music

As promised, an update of my weekend studio ventures.  Just a few hours of work, and thoroughly enjoyable.  I spent most of my time working on some trimming/decorating, but I did make time to do some throwing (finished up the ^5 B-mix) and recycle about 30 pounds of clay.  Here's the basic recap:

The last of the Red B-Mix.  They need to be glazed soon.

More mountains.  This one's quite decently sized.

Some cups/mugs.  Commissioned.  Have you ordered yours?

I had the studio all to myself, and enjoyed having the opportunity to crank up some tunes.  I've found myself at the start of this year extremely satisfied with David Crowder*Band's latest, Church Music.  I don't know that I'm inclined to say this is their best release yet, but I think it might be my favorite.  They've taken the lyrical/theological growth exhibited over their career and showcased it in a flawless, uninterrupted hurricane of dance-rock the likes of which I've never heard before.  It's solid, it's cohesive, it moves and it grooves.  And you don't often get to say that about worship bands.  I was going to give you a list of key tracks, but it got too long.  So listen to it.  And I dare you not to dance.

Of course, I also took that time to rock the new Switchfoot, cranked to 11.  I'm still trying to decide whether or not to call it the best album of 2009.  Because, by my tastes, it's up right up there, and I still can't stop listening to it.  But then, The Elms' The Great American Midrange sure puts up a good fight in that category, too.  But as soon as I have that sorted out, I anticipate a top 10 list to appear soon.

Church MusicHello Hurricane
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That's it for now - I'll be back in the studio before the week is over, and my shelf is overfilling with bisque so glazing is in order, which means new pots eventually.

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Noah Langholz said...

..flawless uninterrupted hurricane of dance-rock. Fantastic, absolutely wonderful.