Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I've been at it for one year - this blog, that is.  The first post came on Monday, January 12th, 2009 as a mission statement of sorts:
My aim in this is to offer a glimpse into the studio process, providing regular updates on life in the studio. Hopefully there will be plenty of photos along the way...

I'd like this space to be a forum for sharing that process - life in the studio. Success, failure, and everything in between.  (Complete intro here)
I don't suppose I have anything profound to say about this anniversary, but to say that I think I succeeded in my stated goals.  I'm not free from tangents (for every post that I talked about "not pottery," click here), the most common diversion being music, and then, I think, followed closely by hiking, Krystal, blueberries, and seals.

I'd be interested in knowing, do you have a favorite post?  Maybe it was just a picture of a favorite pot, or a cleverly related anecdote, or maybe it was just short and easy to read?  Let me know in the comments section, and have a very happy Tuesday!

(pictures and update from this weekend will come at some point...)


Anita said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love your writing. And it's not just cause I'm your mother cause I don't love absolutely everything about you so there! You are a talented writer and interesting to read. I especially liked your tribute to Uncle Tim. I also like when you go on tangents, but that's because the ADD in me loves to ride along! LOVE YOU ALWAYS!

mama' mia

Anita said...

ps dolli says thank you and... "I'm not scared to eat from my new bowl cause it doesn't have a reflection that scares me. if you want to make me a smaller one for food, i'd use this one for water. but it's okay if you dont' cause i love lukey no matter what...."

Noah Langholz said...

What a weirdo.