Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sickness and Woe...

Well, I've been a complete and utter (read: dismal) failure when it comes to keeping this thing updated.  Of course, for me that means it's been almost two weeks since my last post.  In real blogging terms, that's not failure so much as minor negligence.  I've known people to go eighteen months between posts before.

And this one wasn't even my fault.  I was ignoring this space because I didn't really want to post an update on my experience with the Lincoln Center's show (read: not the greatest), which accounts for days 1-5 (October 31-Nov. 4, for those keeping track with a calendar).  Wednesday is never a good blogging day for me anyway, as that's the day that Krystal and I go out for lunch together.  Wednesday afternoon I found myself increasingly ill.  I wanted to call foul play and food poisoning, pegging all responsibility on the Indian place we tried out, but as my affliction generously avoided my digestive tract, that argument was sketchy at best.  I stayed home sick for two days (6 & 7, or Nov. 5-6).  Then came the weekend, and we all know I don't blog on weekends.  There go days 8 & 9 (Nov. 7-8).  Monday and Tuesday I found myself without lunchtime available for blogging on account of playing catch-up at work (Days 10 & 11, Nov. 9-10).  Yesterday (Day 12, Nov. 11) we did lunch again.  No Indian food, but rather Chipotle, because that's always reliable.  And today makes day 13 of the blogging fast, which is now broken.  Thank you for staying with me on that self-indulgent rollercoaster of excuses and justification.  All that to say, it hasn't been entirely my fault.  And that the Indian food was quite enjoyable.  Now, let's see if I can make up for lost time.

Lincoln Center's Mugs, Bowls, and Casseroles: I was mostly disappointed by my experience with this sale, but I'm not sure what the central issue is there.  I don't do a whole lot of sales events, so when I do, I always appreciate it when they're exciting for me.  I would do it again, though.  It's low stress, and low work, so if I do sell a half-dozen pieces, that's worth it.  But it could have been more exciting...

Since the last post I've had (three?) batches of work come out of the glaze fire to some gorgeous results.  All this, of course, in preparation for this weekend's big Holiday Sale at the Guild.  I've spent most of this week setting up my display area, with a few hours here and a few hours there.  I'm quite pleased with it, and have plenty of pictures, none of which are on my person.  But if you check back later, I may update again with pictures.

At this point in time I'm quite overwhelmed by the amount of pottery that I currently have in stock, and I'm hoping to reduce that significantly this weekend.  So we'll see how that goes for me.

In other news, I received my copy of Switchfoot's Hello Hurricane on Saturday and I haven't listened to anything else since (with the exception of a little Miles Davis on Sunday night, but one can always make room for Miles...).  I'm not sure that I'm prepared to say it's their best album to date, but it could be.  If you'd like to experience it, they are streaming the album in its entirety here.  And you can read more of my general thoughts on them here.  In summary: the album is phenomenal, and currently ranks as the highlight of my week.  So there you have it.

Since I can't provide pictures of my display, or of the new pots, or anything that useful, here's my artist statement that will be on display at the sale.  And if you live in Northern Colorado, I'd better see you there, or else!

(or else I won't see you there, I guess.)

Click to enlarge, if you really want to read the words clearly...


The Journagraphist said...

Excuse me, was I just made an example of? I'll have you know it was seventeen months.

Luke said...

Possibly... although you're certainly not the only one!