Monday, August 17, 2009

New West Fest/New Pots

Not much news to report, but I do have a couple picturese to document the weekend. I put in my two hours tending the Guild's booth at New West Fest on Saturday afternoon. It was more or less uneventful, aside from the couple times I had to chase down our brochures thanks to the friendly gusts of wind we were experiencing.

I believe we did sell some of our pots/plates/cups over the two day festival, but not too many. To be honest, getting our name out there a little more was definitely one of the key objectives to boothing. We had a lot of interest in our classes and workshops from folks, even in the short time I was present, and we also got to talk to a lot of people who didn't know we existed! If you found yourself in our booth at New West Fest this weekend, many thanks, and we certainly hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!

One of my sets.

As I mentioned, we did have some wind this weekend, and scattered occurences of minor precipitation (aside from one torrent on Saturday, I'm hesitant to call any of it truly "rain"), but the ominous and omnipresent clouds didn't stop Krystal and I from biking back up to Old Town for Ozomatli's set to close the festival.

I've never given Ozomatli a listen before, but they were definitely enjoyable - a fun, musically diverse, very danceable performance. I think I'll be looking further into their music, and would recommend them if you're interested in latin/funk/salsa/hip-hop/reggae/ska/world music. They made me think of a latin Supertones, or No Doubt, if they'd been born & raised south of the border.

And I stop by the studio to pick up a couple more pots that were fired last week. I've been really pleased with the firings lately, and that's a good thing. Although then it does always leave me wondering why I didn't have more pots in said good firing. You can't win them all.

That's it for today. I'm sure I'll be in the studio sometime this week, though not tonight. Check back Wednesday or Thursday for more studio updates.

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