Thursday, August 6, 2009

A few new pots...

I got a few new pots. Well, three anyhow. There may have been more hiding elsewhere in the kiln, but as it was full of other people's pots, I thought I'd just limit myself to the three of mine that were accessible. Not that I have a problem unloading other Guilders' pots in general, but mostly that I wasn't feeling that ambitious last night.

This one's a little blurry. The pot isn't blurry; the photo is blurry. Really pleased with the glaze here - Turkish Amber with blue/green/purple streaking on the inside of the bowl. Perfect. You'll note that my response to these pieces are officially blog text, rather than my traditional italicized captions. I've decided that if you can't Tweet it, it probably should be a paragraph rather than a caption.

For the record, I don't Tweet. The things I have to say are far to0 important to be condensed to the paltry one hundred forty characters allowed.

Again, pleased with the glaze. This is the Floating Blue that normally goes seafoam on me, which I've developed a taste for. Unfortunately, it hasn't been going seafoam lately, but rather has been taking on sort of mossy tones. Which isn't so much complementary to the blue slip, but I think works really well with the brown. So this one made me happy.

Anytime you get a vase this large out of the kiln without any cracks, chips, pits, or dings, it's a success. I was pleased with the result of this big guy overall. It's time to start working on another big pot, I think.

I actually ended up doing some work in the studio last night as well, primarily continuing in the decoration and trimming of these big sgraffito bowls. You can see two of them below - right now they're each about 14 inches across, so they'll probably be 13 by the time they're done.

Once they're trimmed the trick is to not dry them out too quickly, and then not to totally screw up the glazing. It's a real shame when you put so much time and energy into a big piece like this only to have the glaze suck. But that's pretty much my only complaint about pottery.

That's all for now. Family's visiting this weekend, so probably no studio updates until mid-next week. Take care!

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VictorX said...

Gah! Bottom bowls... *wiping drool*