Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Finally a chance to provide a fair update.

It is with sadness that I must announce that the Guild's fundraiser has been cancelled. Hard to have a successful event if people aren't buying tickets to attend... so, that's a bummer. The pieces that were made for it will still be sold, however. The Northern Colorado Potters Guild will have a booth at the New West Fest in Fort Collins in August. All sorts of plates, tumblers, and general donated pots will be available for purchase and to support the Guild. Also, it just happens to be Fort Collins' largest community festival, and will feature live music from 50+ Colorado Bands, as well as headliners Melissa Etheridge and Ozomatli. So check that out if you're in the area!

And on to my pots: here's some shots from the studio Monday night. I'll be back in again tonight to throw some more pieces. Time to start working on some more bigger pieces, because they kinda seem to be selling alright... we'll see what happens. Throwing Monday was not overly pleasant - I feel like I've been out of it for a while. But it was certainly good to be throwing again. So here's studio pictures, and finished work.

Vase. Maybe 15" tall? We'll see how it turns out. I never know. Patience, though, is what I'm going for lately. Rushing vases never goes well.

And a couple "arizona" pieces of various sizes and shapes. Fun shapes to throw. Not so much fun to trim.

Finally some happy results with this glaze. Still a little creamy for my taste, but just lovely.

Same story. I really like the bleed where the two glazes meet at the neck of the vase.

This was an experimental vase: Red clay, blue slip brushed on, plus some relief carving. Turkish Amber glaze over, with Forest Green (SuperBlue!) inside.

Communion set - commissioned. I was pleased with the glazing.

Bud vase. Cute little guy.

Bowl - same glazes as the bud vase above.

And some non-pottery pictures, cause I think some of you like to see them as well...

My brother (left) was out with us last week, so we enjoyed some time in the mountains.

Then we drove him back to Iowa by way of a Coldplay show.

Pretty darn sweet.

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