Thursday, June 4, 2009

[finished work]

New pots (within the last 2 months) finally shot. I may have to re-shoot; it's been a number of days (weeks?) since we had a weekend with decent whether. Which is pertinent because I prefer to use natural lighting for shooting pots, and these indoor shots just aren't doing it for me. So here they are, with some narration - I hope the narration doesn't sway your perception too much. Will be into the studio at some point this weekend to pick up some final glazing, but otherwise very little potting will occur.

Trying out a glaze...

Same here. I like this result.

Back to some naked clay.


This vase held flowers on our table for a number of weeks. It has since been galleried.

I like this blue. Plate is 13" wide.


Large and in Charge.

Large - already galleried.

Same new glaze as above - with less success. Or, less to my expectations. It may grow on me.

Same story. It may grow on me.

And, same glaze, same firing, same clay body - different result. Where's consistency when you need it?

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