Saturday, April 25, 2009

Morning Studio Work

Five hours in the studio Saturday morning. In by 8, out by 1:30. Much productivity, including vase "practice" (read: flops, but learning experiences). I forgot to take pictures of any of the works in progress until after I'd already wrapped them up and started cleaning my space. So I took pictures of the things that are done and drying/waiting to be fired.

So, spent some time working on vases/jar shapes/bottle vases. Still not one hundred percent on just what they are. Threw some that turned out, and some that didn't. Also finished up the trimming, shaping, and decorating of the three pictured in the last post.

Threw a couple small bowls, and some larger pieces that are of a different shape. I call them "arizonas" because they remind me of Southwestern Native American pots. They're nice pieces and work well either decoratively or functionally.

Trimmed/footed/decorated the plates and cups for the Guild's June fundraiser. Pictures of the cups are below. I like them.

And did some glazing. Our Potters' Market is one week from today, so hopefully some of those will be done before then. In the meantime, glazing means an extra area of the studio to clean up, so I thought it best to do while I had time to do it.

Really, that's all I did. It doesn't look like a whole lot on paper, especially without pictures, but it took a while, and I took my time. It was a good morning. Good way to spend a cold, gray, drizzly, morning. That's my story.

Fundraiser Cups.

Yes, these are my vases. Different. We'll see.

And some bowls waiting for the bisque fire. These are the ones that were pictured upside down last week. Here's the interior decorations.

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