Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bowls & Plates - the [tardy] weekend post

Finally, some studio photos. Got a few hours in on Saturday, which was nice. Time to tackle some projects, and also get to work on some pieces for the upcoming Guild fundraiser. I'll be heading into the studio tonight for another longer stretch that should be good and productive. I'm running out of time to realistically try to produce any more work for the upcoming Potters' Market (on May 2nd, at the Guild), but some of these pieces may sneak through the kilns in time for the Artists at the Gardens at the Ute Trail Greenhouse in Lyons, CO, the following weekend.

Also, please note the addition of a links section to the right side of my blog. It's not particularly expansive, and I encourage you to check out each of them. For the time being, these links will lead to people and places that have significantly impacted the way I approach my work. In the future I'd like to expand (or add a second section) to include those artists who are doing work that I'm drawn to or find interesting, regardless the direct impact they have had on my pottery. We'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, we have six privileged links. That's enough about that for today.

In any event, here's the photo update of what happened (mostly) in the studio on Saturday. The clay was mostly cooperative, and I actually was able to throw and decorate some things. There was As usual, I welcome any questions and comments about my process or the work, and hopefully I'll be able to provide a nice update after this evening's studio session as well.

Small bowls. Because I don't have enough of these...

These bowls have just been trimmed, and are sitting on (I believe) 14-inch bats. They are beautifully decorated with slips and sgraffito on the inside. Hopefully they will fire beautifully as well.

A large bowl, waiting for some decoration - 15-16" across.

These smallish plates are for the Guild's June fundraiser. Every attendee will get a plate/cup set from which to enjoy the appetizers and wine tasting. They will also get an art piece valued at $50+ to take with them. I'd be happy to send more information to anyone interested in the event.

And a couple of these pieces. I don't stock too many of them, because they don't stack very nicely, but I like them, and they seem to be pretty popular.

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