Tuesday, July 17, 2012


You know you live somewhere special when 92 degrees is a refreshingly cool midday temperature. Yesterday I didn't even have to microwave my leftovers for lunch; I just set my plate out on the deck for a couple minutes and it was ready to go.

Nothing like picking the hottest week of the year to run my kiln nonstop. While the air conditioner is also running nonstop.  I'm looking forward to this month's utility bill, that's for sure.

Unloaded the kiln this morning, loaded it back up for another firing at noon. Still have maybe 2/3 of a kiln's worth of pots to get in a third firing. I'd rather not fire it with any room to spare, but that's just the way it goes. Everything is glazed and ready to go, just waiting for the kiln to open up.
Top shelf.
Bottom Shelf.
Loaded back up and ready to go again!
And a little bit closer now.
And even closer.
Reds and blues.
It's all patriotic up in hurr.
So that's where we're at. Shooting to unload/reload the current/next firing(s) on Thursday which will give me a full week for sanding, pricing, inventory-ing and packing. Which is more lead time than I've ever given myself on a show, so that's great news.

Around the house and during the glazing have been playing a lot of the new House of Heroes record. Well, that and some Zeppelin. Always good to keep one foot in the classics, right?

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