Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bowls and Vases.

Just wanted to stop in and drop off these shots of what I've been doing in the studio over the last week or so. Heading in for a long haul this afternoon - some morning errands to attend to and then clay for the rest of the day.
Lefty's a keeper, a little weight to trim out of the foot, but a keeper. Righty might turn out.
Latest throw. Not perfectly the shape I was going for. Might still be some room to work with it. Thrown Thursday night.
So that's where it's been. Lots of throwing, not always keeping everything. Especially in the vases. Wrote about it at greater length in the previous post. Still living in that space. Engaged some other thinkers and creatives on Twitter this week (artist and dear friend Alxndr Jones and his close friend Adam Lorenz) regarding the intersections of hard work and creativity, where does art occur. Throwing ideas around about the balance of organic creativity and need for practice and production. I'd like to give these thoughts some more time to create a coherent train of thought, but for now I'm trying to live in a place of hard work and production and discernment at sorting the wheat from the chaff, and identifying even in happy accidents places that present me with an option for creativity.

And so, I'm off. Happy Saturday to y'all.

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DebH said...

Congratulations on the Dahl! How exciting, and your almost out of the blue bowls?? You better get busy, those are stunning, but then I've looked at several other colors and find some equally as stunning.
You drove through my favorite place in the world, the Badlands. Its a frequent stop for my rock hunting buddy and I and we've had some wonderful hikes, stories and agates come from that area. When it comes to inspiration, all you have to do is take a quick trip through the badlands. The layers, the sky, the entire landscape is motivation for any artist and it should be a must for everyone to experience. Especially at evening sunset!