Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unloaded the kiln just now. Overall, very pleased. Tried something new this time, experimenting with holding the firing at it's highest point for an hour to get uniform results throughout the kiln, and also hoping to push a little more depth out of some of the glazes. Generally speaking it went well, but I may have over-fired my Rust Red by just a scoche as a result - went a bit darker in some places than normal. Sandstone gave me nice results this time too, a little bit more depth out of it then normal - hints of red and blue (maybe some crystallization of sorts?) came through on some underbellies. Tonight the kiln gets loaded and fired again. Lots of bowls on the way. I may try a 30 minute soak vs. 60 to see about finding the balance between getting the rich colors without toasting the Rusts. 
Top Shelf (that glaze mark on the shelf there is from my first firing with unknown glaze properties, not the result of soaking at ^6).
Next half-shelf.
Down another tier. That smattering of orange-browns is "Albany Slip Brown," my new favorite glaze.
Mountains and IYFC Blues.
Mountains. Sandstone went a bit dark on the blues, but the browns are gorgeous.
Bitty vases.
Bowls and bowls and bowls.
And bowls and bowls and bowls.
And more bowls.
And a few mugs for good measure.
Excited to get out next weekend and see what other folks think of these pots.

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Log Cabin Studio said...

Looks like a great glaze the blues!!