Sunday, September 18, 2011

Firing results.

Finally finding a moment to catch up on sharing what's been up in the studio this (last?) week. But first, have some better pictures from the glaze firing unloaded last Monday night. Some nice results, positive experiments. Nothing disappointing inside. That's always a plus.
Excited about this blue - combo of glazes to get this result. Been waiting for a while to discover this one.
The new-blue again. Lighting not so good, though. This is also thrown on the "wrong" clay I picked up in August. Clay turned out beautiful. It's a really nice buff-toned clay when fired, and it throws a lot smoother than what I've been using, so this may become my standard.
New glaze - Retro Blue-Green. Tested on a couple pieces in the last firing but didn't put it on thick enough to get a real sense of the color. Pretty excited about this one when applied properly. It's a bit different from the rest of my palette, so that's kind of exciting.
Detail of the Retro Blue-Green. It has sort of a robin's egg blue thing going, with a little more lichen and a metallic sense as it streaks in the center. Different, but I'm excited about it.
So that's the firing. Which piece is your favorite? I'd love to know which glazes appeal to all y'all!


Log Cabin Studio said...

I love the cobalt blue and the retro blue green..awesome colors.

Rob Addonizio from Taiko-Earth said...

Hey, I like the Retro Blue Green. It is a winner for sure.
Might I inquire about a recipe? I am going to look for it online, but perhaps you know where I can find it?

Great pots BTW