Monday, July 11, 2011

An Opened Kiln

More pictures, a real post, coming soon. Maybe this week. That'd be ideal. In the meantime, here's this one. Kiln opened, unloaded on Sunday evening. Mostly good firing, as far as glazes are concerned. Couple bummers as far as cracking and warping and such. And that's no good. Especially when special commissions are involved. That's part of the process, though, I guess. Later, y'all.
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Whitney said...

Luke! I am so glad that you have Tim's gift. I am a fan. Bless your endeavors. --Whitney.

Luke said...

Whitney - Thank you, that's very kind. Did you Tim/his work well? Thanks again for stopping by!

Whitney said...

My mom and I used to see Tim in St. Louis on mother's day for an art fair every year. We have really missed him. We are lucky we have a few of his pieces, but we wish we had collected more... he was really nice, and I am so glad you are carrying on his legacy.