Thursday, December 17, 2009


Wednesday into the studio - off to a bad start.  Came in to find new pots, or specifically the new mountain vase.  And I'm not pleased.  For my own reasons.  Anyhow, that put me in a sour mood to start, and affected the throwing a bit.

New Pots

I spent my first thirty minutes in the studio slightly miffed about this and that and as a result had several failed throws before I was able to move on to something more productive, which worked out alright.  These are mostly larger pieces, and if large is all I'm able to produce, I guess there are worse problems to have.  The vases have been coming quickly and with less trouble than ever before, and that's a plus.  Though I seem to be having a harder time with bowls lately.  Perhaps because the only bowls I can currently justify throwing are commissions requiring nontraditional (at least for me) shapes.  But as you can see below, I got this one to come out alright, too.

Large flared bowl - 16" across, 6" tall

Mid-Large vase.  Didn't measure it.  I think it's about 14" tall.

Bigger vase - plenty of clay to be trimmed out of the foot to shape for a more dynamic form.  This one's about 18" tall, I think.

These vases here aren't flawless - they're a little bit bottom-heavy, but not much, compared to where I was even a year ago, and that's exciting.  Both of these were thrown in one sitting, while I normally (used to) had to let them firm up a bit before really working on any shaping to the neck or rim.  So, baby steps. 

The other plus to these bigger pieces is that if I need to wrap them up tightly and leave them be for a week, I trust that I can come back to them and find them still workable (or at the very least, trimmable).

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