Monday, July 27, 2009

Start to Finish (and Finished Work)

Something I have wanted to do since I started this blog was follow a piece of work from start through to completion, with photographs along the way. And I'm pleased to say that I have accomplished that below.

Well, almost. I suppose I could have made an effort to include a shot of the ball of clay on the wheel, or the partially throw cylinder, or perhaps even the bucket of slop, if it were made from recycled clay. But that would have been a little too abstract, I think, even for me. So here's a little covered jar captured at every step along the way (click here for a larger view).

L-to-R: Thrown form; Trimmed & Slipped; Carved (w/lid); Bisqued; Raw Glaze; Finished Piece

I think it's fun to reflect on the piece as it progresses, and hopefully it's an interesting look at a piece of pottery in all its stages.

Finally got "official" photos of new vases taken care of. So, here they are. Should be in the studio tonight, so check back for another update tomorrow afternoon.

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